Blueice - Traditional Ice Products (Crushed Ice & Tube Ice Supplier)
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Traditional Ice Products

Traditional ice products are made from frozen water. These ice products can be manufactured in tube, crushed, and block forms.

Tube Ice and Crushed Ice

The company is able to supply over 100 metric tons of tube ice and crushed ice daily. These packaged ice products are 100% hygienic and are usually used by establishments that require edible, cold-preserving products.

The water used for tube ice and crushed ice manufacture has been purified. The water has passed through a stringent filtration and disinfection process. UV disinfection is used as the final stage to eradicate any bacteria present in the water. The resulting ice product has no off-taste.

Block Ice

Block ice is ideal for bulk cooling needs. Ice, as a cooling medium, provides the ideal humidity to avoid dehydration that spoils the freshness and presentation of the product.

150 kg is considered the largest size of block one man can conveniently handle.