Reusable Ice Sheets or Ice Packs in Flat Sheets as Gel Ice Replacements
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Reusable Ice Sheets

Thermafreeze USA ice sheets is plastic on one side and cloth on the other that can be cut to any size and molded to fit any container or product that needs to be kept cold during shipping.


Activating the sheets is very simple. All that one needs to do is to cut it to the desirable size, soak it with warm water and then freeze it in the fridge. The space age gel retains the cold and there is no melting, no mess, and no damaged containers. Light and flexible even when frozen, these ice sheets stand out from the competition because of:


– Higher Performance: Patented technology makes the ice sheets colder, faster, and for a longer duration.

– Flexibility in so many ways

– Two-sided structure for enhanced applications

– Non-toxic, non-hazardous, BPA-free composition

– Eco-friendly with water conservation benefits

– Durability and is reusable

– Easy to store, lightweight, and compact


Applications range from perishable shipping, sports therapy, personal use, outdoors, medical, and equestrian.


Don’t get fooled by imitators! Get only authentic Thermafreeze Ice Sheets. The original ice sheets are made in the USA and now available in the Philippines.


To know more, call us via (02)8555409 / (02)4059643 / (0917)5294057, email us at, or message us at