Blueice - Dry Ice Products (Dry Ice Supplier in the Philippines)
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Dry Ice Products

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is called “dry ice” because it does not melt like traditional water ice. Instead, dry ice converts into carbon dioxide gas. It is also extremely cold ( -109°F/-78.5°C), non-toxic, and completely dry. Dry ice is commonly used as an expendable refrigerant to ship frozen food and medical products. It is also used to cool materials during production processes.


Our team can deliver dry ice to various locations within Metro Manila. Delivery orders are on a prepaid basis. Please note that there is a cut-off time for delivery orders at 3 p.m. one day before. Nevertheless, customers can also pick-up dry ice products on a prepaid basis at certain locations and on a cash-and-carry basis at other locations.


To know if we deliver to your area or which pick-up location is nearest you, call us via (02)8555409 / (02)4059643 / (0917)5294057, email us at, or message us at Please call or message us first to verify time and location for either delivery or pick-up.

Dry Ice Blocks and Dry Ice Slices

Dry ice blocks and dry ice slices are commonly used in cold chain packaging. Dry ice enables preservation of high quality frozen foods or high value pharmaceuticals for longer periods.

Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3mm is commonly used in industrial cleaning. This cleaning method makes getting rid of contaminants easy. There is seldom the need for machine parts disassembly.